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Wholesale Investors
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Are you a wholesale investor, or could you be a wholesale investor? Did you know that being approved/qualifying as a wholesale investor affords you access to a larger variety of investment opportunities? Wholesale investment opportunities often present greater returns, a regular passive income and portfolio diversification.

How can you qualify to be a wholesale investor?

To become a wholesale investor, you will need to meet specific criteria under the Corporations Act 2001, satisfying either the Product Value Test, the Individual Wealth Test or through meeting one of a number of other specified criteria.

The Individual Wealth Test

This test requires you to obtain a certificate from a registered accountant which certifies that you: –

  • Have at least $2.5 million in net assets
  • Or have a gross income of at least $250,000 per year for at least the last two years (this can include income from a business if you are a small business owner)

Keep in mind certificates are valid for up to two years.

Product Value Test

You can also qualify as a wholesale investor if you are investing at least $500,000 into a single investment opportunity, without having to also apply for the certificate of qualification obtained via the Individual Wealth Test.

Other ways to qualify as a wholesale investor

You can also qualify for wholesale investment opportunities if you are deemed a ‘professional investor.’ To be classed as a professional investor, you have to identify with and meet one of the following categories:-

  • Identify as an Australian Financial Services Licensee
  • Be a person who has or controls gross assets of at least $10 million (including assets held by an associate or under a trust that you manage)
  • Be a body that is regulated by APRA (other than a trustee of a superannuation fund, an approved deposit fund, a pooled superannuation fund or a public sector superannuation scheme). This category generally includes banks, credit unions, general insurance companies, life insurance companies and friendly societies
  • A body registered under the Financial Corporations Act 1974
  • A trustee of a superannuation fund, an approved deposit fund, a pooled superannuation fund or a public sector superannuation scheme in circumstances where that fund, trust or scheme has net assets of at least $10 million
  • A listed entity or a related body corporate of a listed entity
  • An exempt public authority
  • The investor is a company or trust controlled by a person who meets one of the criteria under the Individual Wealth Test, i.e., they have a qualified accountant’s certificate

Wholesale investment opportunities

As a leading alternate asset manager and investment company, Remara offers wholesale investors the opportunity to invest in a range of wholesale investment opportunities and alternative assets through several diversified managed funds.

Our current investment opportunities:

Private Credit Fund

Our private credit fund is specifically designed for fixed-income investors, providing wholesaler investors, including those with SMSF, with a low risk, high yield return profile. With the added benefit of a regular cashflow through monthly repayments or the option to reinvest, the fund invests in quality personal loans, car loans, trade, business and debtor loans. With a rolling annual return of 13.30% (post fees) and no withdrawal fees, it provides security, flexibility and a regular cashflow when needed.

Real Estate Opportunistic Development Fund

Invest in multiple real estate opportunities from small to large scale developments with our real estate opportunistic development fund. Targeted to increase investment exposure and long-term returns, it is ideal for wholesale investors looking for growth assets as part of their investment strategy. It offers a medium risk profile, targeted returns of 20% p.a. (post fees) and portfolio diversification. Our real estate opportunistic development fund helps wholesale investors navigate the typical pitfalls of investing in property through a self-managed super fund.

Remara Credit Trust 2021-1

Our Credit Trust 2021-1 offers senior exposure into a pool of highly diversified secured loans. The Trust offers two different maturities with the A1 notes offered on a six-month term (with no reinvestment obligation) and the A2 notes offered for the remaining term of the investment (December 2024). The notes are offered with different returns. The A1 notes offers investors 3.5% (above RBA) and the A2 note offers investors 6.5% (above RBA). Returns are paid quarterly.


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