Our Commitments

We see an opportunity within the private sector to move towards an all-inclusive corporate & philanthropic structure based on shared goals and outcomes.

Our long-term commitment is to partner with foundations and special interest groups to challenge the current shortcomings of traditional Venture Philanthropy and create a contributory business model.

Our vision

We see the need for sustainable and philanthropic endeavours on a large scale with wealth gaps widening across the globe. As a business we feel we have a responsibility to address social inequality, and to pave the way for better platforms and programs that not only provide funds and resources, but invest in educational training and skill development.

A new take on Venture Philanthropy

At Remara, it’s about more than just providing monetary donations, it’s about the creation of an alternative business model, fuelled by a long-term vision. A business model that sees us partner with selected foundations and institutions to create a pathway and accessibility avenues that foster skill growth and provide education where needed. Our partnerships and programs support employment opportunities, training and deployment of funds to create long-lasting change in the lives of those who need it most.

Social change starts here /

Our partners

We have carefully selected our inaugural partner to create a sustainable business platform to deliver opportunities to First Nations people in the finance field.

A direct lender focused on providing competitive funding to Australian businesses

Remara has partnered with Nallawilli Group to deliver First Nations Finance Corporation (FNFC). FNFC aims to deliver funding across the capital stack for SME & Corporates.

First Nations

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Interested in our partnership program?

If your organisation is looking for a corporate partner who will create pathways and support programs that foster employment opportunities, training and deployment of funds for long lasting social change, lets chat.


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