Private Credit Market Update & Fund Launch

Private Credit Market Update & Fund Launch
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In our latest private credit market update, Managing Director, Andrew McVeigh explores the following key points:

  • The state of the credit market and how this will impact the other asset classes
  • Key trends, including why different asset/fund types are being favoured
  • How the Remara Private Credit Fund meets investor appetite for low-risk, high-yield investments that offset market volatility
  • The Remara investment mandate and overview, fund structure and corresponding benefits

Fund snapshot:

  • Strong track record (14.26% annualised return since inception – post fees*) Past performance is not an indicator of future performance.
    Low-risk with a diversified asset pool
  • Open-ended with monthly distributions and the option of quarterly redemption
  • Experienced management team (domestic and o/s institutional background)
  • Floating instrument offsets market volatility


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