Remara partners with First Nations Finance

Remara partners with First Nations Finance
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Remara is proud to announce its partnership with First Nations Finance (FNFC), which is part of the Nallawilli Group of companies. As a non-bank lender, FNFC provides small to medium business, ASX listed entities and government departments access to broad variety of lending products. Remara in partnership with First Nations Finance has also developed a specific First Nations training and development program for secondary and tertiary educated First Nations people. The program aims to provide experience and skill development to First Nations people in a full-service, well-respected and positioned finance firm.

The key outcomes of Remara’s First Nations development pathways program

The development pathways program has been formed by Remara to provide education and skill development to tertiary and secondary educated First Nations people in an effort to foster future generations.

Tertiary educated participants

Tertiary educated participants undertaking the program will not only build and develop valuable management and leadership skills but will gain experience and improve self-worth enabling them to increase and fast-track their career possibilities.

Secondary educated participants

The program aims to assist individuals to gain valuable industry specific experience and knowledge that allows them to further develop their management and business skills through direct industry experience.

Remara’s development program is only the beginning with plans to diversify and offer a vast array of varying program pathways spanning across literacy, SME skill development and wealth management in the future. Through its partnership and internal educational pathways and programs, Remara hopes to provide First Nations people with the necessary skills and experience that will ultimately see them succeed in business and life.

About Nallawilli Group and First Nations Finance

The Nallawilli Group is a dynamic group of companies that operates to bring together a unique range of commercial products and services with the intention to improve the lives of First Nations people. Delivering outcome-based solutions for both communities and businesses on a large scale, the Nallawilli Group aims to improve the financial situation and future outlook for indigenous people and communities.

Operating under the Nallawilli group of companies, First Nations Finance is a premium non-bank lender that focusses on providing competitive funding to Australian businesses. As a Supply Nation Certified Organisation, it allows business to meet their Reconciliation Action Plan or Indigenous Procurement Plan commitments. As an end-to-end funding solution FNFC provides large scale, tailored lending and everyday finance solutions including asset, equipment, trade and invoice finance to Australian businesses.

When businesses engage with First Nations Finance 20% of profits go direct to the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation which has been set up in direct alignment to provide funds to varying First Nations causes including mental health, skills development, and education and employment opportunities.

As part of the partnership with First Nations Finance, Remara directly supports opportunities for First Nations people and communities via charities such as the Pauline E. McLeod Foundation creating a positive social impact.



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