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In excess of $1bn under management. Focused on Private Credit, Real Estate & Tactical Opportunities.

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Remara offers financial services across established and complimentary businesses, including capital raising, private lending and alternate asset management.

Our highly experienced, multi-disciplinary team works alongside investors and business owners to strengthen their portfolios, improve returns and diversify the funding of operations. Driven by a shared set of internal values, we aim to make an impact on the personal and professional life of our clients. With a global reach, Remara delivers a unique domestic and international perspective across all service divisions.


Assets under management across 3 key markets


Operating employees across complimentary businesses


Investment professionals

Alternative asset manager investing across the risk spectrum provides our investors with diversified investment opportunities.

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  • Liquidity management

    The investment portfolio open to Remara allows for the composition of a pool of underlying investments that creates a mix and short/long dated tenure, allowing for a continued recycling of capital and ability to provide investors liquidity.

  • Portfolio return

    The composition across the multiple product set allows the creation of a portfolio where the return to investors can be enhanced through composing a portfolio of underlying assets that has different yield, maturity and credit support, allowing for a optimal portfolio to be created to enhance yield and minimise risk.

  • Aligned management

    The manager and the underlying originators are aligned with investors through the investment of a minimum of 5% into the first loss notes across each and every loan on the platform.

  • Limited concentration

    The diverse exposure of invested instruments into further highly diversified warehouses allows for a reduction in the look through obligor concentration limits. This significantly reducing single obligor risk.

  • Floating return

    Warehouse notes are a margin above BBSW and direct loans must be written on a floating nature, allowing for the return of the portfolio to move in–line with the risk-free rate.

  • Credit Analysis

    A rigorous credit analysis is completed on each individual debtor as part of our internal credit approval process.

Investment strategies

  • Private Credit

    Create long term wealth across Private Credit, Real Estate and Global Markets.

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  • Real Estate

    Direct lending solutions to the Australian business and consumer markets.

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  • Private Equity & Tactical Opportunities

    Private & public equity capital raising, independent IPO advice and tactical support.

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As an alterntive asset manager, our approach is driven through being an owner and operator, investing our own capital alongside our investors to responsibly acquire, advise and operate high-quality assets and businesses. We build on that expertise in sectors where our operating experience gives us a competitive advantage. Experience has also taught us that the best opportunities are often found in sectors undergoing periods of financial or operational challenge.

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